The DIY Sheldon Cooper Shirt Folder

*all references to Sheldon Cooper, Big Bang Theory are owned by Chuck Lorre Productions.

Things you will use:

  • Big piece of cardboard (fridge, washer, dryer, etc.)


  • Blade (carpet cutter, xacto, or kitchen knife)
  • Yard Stick or Measuring tape
  • Pen

So one time I was watching the big bang theory and saw Sheldon Cooper fold his shirts using a device:



So I Google’d this device and found it at


So I figured I could make it out of some cardboard:


So take your piece of cardboard and cut a piece out that is 30 in x 30 in:


Mark the following lines:


Cut an 1/8 in gap on the following:


Crease the following (push a yard stick into it and bend around the yard stick):


How to fold the shirt

You can use the instruction on or just these (it ain’t rocket science).

Place your shirt upside down in the middle of the shirt folder, with the folded center up:


Fold the left side over:


Fold the Right side over:


Fold the top down:


Vuala, you have a perfectly folded shirt:



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  1. t- shirt folder sheldon | Shirt Salet- shirt folder sheldon How to fold t-shirt’s like Sheldon Cooper t- shirt folder sheldon .

  2. Wikipedia:Reference desk/Archives/Entertainment/2013 February 7 1.1 Sheldon Cooper’s shirts ; 1.2 releases vice versa; 1.3 XBox Controller … Why does Sheldon Cooper wear a long-sleeve T-shirt under his regular t-shirt?

  3.… That’s right: every t-shirt Sheldon Cooper has ever worn on The Big Bang Theory .

  4. You need six rectangles of cardboard to form the base of the folding board. The dimensions of the cardboard pieces will determine the dimensions of the folded shirt. 9 inches (23 cm) by 12 inches (30.5 cm) is a dimension that is commonly used in department stores for large shirts. Alternatively, you can just fold a shirt to whatever size that you prefer and use that as a template. Measure and mark the outline of six rectangles of your chosen size. Then carefully cut them out with your knife. Try to keep the sides as even as possible.